Upcoming Workshops


Didgeridoo Yoga 

with Justine Sanderson & Rebecca Ward 

Bask in a powerfully relaxing and refreshingly cleansing sacred gathering. This monthly 2-hour offering combines Yin & Restorative Yoga, Vibrational Healing with Sacred Instruments, Massage, Sacred Touch & Aromatherapy.

Using the potent healing power of vibration, Justine will play a number of Sacred Instruments including the Didgeridoo and Crystal Pyramid with the intention to help move energy that can become stagnant in our energy channels (meridians). This movement of energy is a healing tool that helps to support the function of our major organs; kidneys, liver and heart. Healing sound re-patterns the link of the physical and emotional bodies. Imbalances such as anxiety, depression, nervousness and headaches will all receive soothing & nourishing vibrational healing. Students will receive guidance as we move into various Yin/Restorative Yoga poses. Yoga combined with sound healing further aids the movement of energy through the meridian lines (energetic body) as well as helping to drain stagnation in the lymphatic system while stimulating movement in the muscles and joints, organs, etc (physical body).

The qualities of a Restorative/Yin practice are to encourage students to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to invite healthy stretch and stress on the joints and ligaments and to help release issues which are unconsciously stored in the tissues. While you breathe and relax deeply into these poses, Rebecca will be offering her nurturing Massage and Sacred Touch to further encourage the body to let go and release what no longer is serving you. Carefully selected Essential Oils will be offered in the form of aromatherapy to work with moving the subtle energy through various energy channels, cleansing and detoxifying the body, calming and nourishing the mind and restoring and uplifting the spirit. All you have to bring is an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to surrender.

Loose fitted, comfortable clothing is highly recommended. Though totally optional, it is encouraged to leave the sports bras at home and allow energy to flow freely throughout the whole body. Please note that jewelry, anything metal or round, will prevent the Chi, our subtle energy, from flowing freely throughout as well.

Investment: $30* in advance or $35* at the door

Pre-Registration is highly recommended this is a limited offering and mats fill up quickly.

Upcoming Didgeridoo Yoga classes

Sunday December 22nd 11:00am-12:30pm 

7:30pm-9:00pm at Sanctuari

Collingwood, ON

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New Moon Sister Circle

with Justine Sanderson & Amie Young

Join Justine & Amie as they share with you an evening of Meditation, Gentle Yogic Flow, Sacred Sound, Chanting, Intention Setting and Magic under the wisdom of the New Moon. Each month we will call upon the innate intelligence of a chosen Goddess as we explore the roots of Divine Femininity, what it means & feels like to be a woman and how this translates into our daily lives. With deep gratitude and nourishing intention we look forward to holding space for you to call into your life all that you truly desire as you set your intention and creating a sacred space where we may all feel comfortable being vulnerable.

Harnessing the energy of the New Moon we gather as women, sit in circle and embrace the hopes and dreams of each other in a sacred space. The new moon marks a time for planting seeds of intention and of new beginnings that has been honoured for generations by women who have walked the path before us. This phase of the moon cycle is the perfect time to gather in ritual and open your heart to the possibility of new ideas, growth and change.

This circle is for you if you struggle to embrace the feminine energy flowing through you, if you feel called to find your tribe, if you love honouring yourself and the cycles of the moon, if you feel called to stand in Sisterhood with the women around you and invite your wildest dreams into reality.

Our next New Moon Sister Circle is Saturday December 28th from 6:30pm-9:30pm at Sanctuari in Collingwood.

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