One of Justine's Private Sound Healing Sessions will reduce anxiety, stress, nervousness, over thinking and insecurities. It will increase vitality, energy, health and improve the connection to a greater source that is within. You will find yourself feeling recharged as you lay back and receive a complete vibrational shower. Through this deep relaxation and immersive full body listening, these surreal sound experiences are a way of reflection and leave you feeling balanced, grounded and glowing from the inside out!


Private sessions with Justine include healing with Didgeridoo, Tuning Forks, Voice, Tibetan Singing Bowls and a Crystal Pyramid.


Each session with Justine is unique and guided by your individual needs and intentions.

“A beautiful journey for your mind, body and soul. It was an amazing experience. Spiritually awakening and emotionally enlightening.”

Sarah W.

“My private session with Justine and her didgeridoo was one of the most unique, beautiful and healing treatments I have ever had. My body soaked it up! It was like all the water in my body was being activated like raising its frequency, buzzing, and feeling "things' moving in and out as needed. The buzzing continued for the rest of the day!”

Susanna V.

"Justine accessed me energetically in such a deep way, leading to some very large shifts. Part of Justine's gift is that she holds space with immense compassion, so if and when there are large shifts you feel safe and in experienced hands. Not only is she a beautiful musician (check out one of her group sound baths!!!) she is an extremely intuitive healer and all around marvelous human. Thank you Justine! I am ever grateful our paths have crossed!"

Amie Y.